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10 alternative questions on Culture and Engagement.

This is my alternative to the Gallup 12. You can develop a whole Organizational Development philosophy around these questions. These are 10 questions on Corporate Magnetism (AKA Employee (Dis)engagement).

  1. (Boss question) Why would anybody want to join us? Serious question about being a magnet or not. Alternative question: How long is the list of people wanting to join my division?
  2. (Boss question) Why are you still here? The best and only Employee Engagement question that matters
  3. If this were a volunteer’s job, would you be here?
  4. If you were ill, at home or on holiday for a little while, would anybody notice? Seriously.
  5. Can you name all members of the top executive team? Without looking at the Annual Report or the website, that is.
  6. What do you tell your children about what you do? (Have you told them? What do you say?) You’d better write it down so you can see it. Or even better, record it.
  7. Would you ask your best friend to join this company? Yes, the very best you have, that you care about. Husbands and wives accepted.
  8. Does working here make you a better human being? Alternative question: did you understand the question? No, not a typo, ‘better human being’, not better professional.
  9. Do you love this company even /because (if )sometimes ‘they’ make you mad? Driving somebody mad, or nuts, may be a sign of serious emotional connection. Just saying.
  10. If you could, would you work somewhere else? OK, list it.


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