- Leandro Herrero - https://leandroherrero.com -

10 ingredients to cook your strategy

  1. List your competitors, then, compare yourself with a different list. Most of the answers lie outside your immediate peer circle. If you are comparing with your competitors only, you are missing the plot.
  2. Stay hungry, foolish, restless, uncomfortable, unhappy. Jobs dixit. Add yours. Stay in beta [1]. [2] Declare unfinished by design.
  3. Surprise (markets, competitors, colleagues, yourself). Surprise is a high power strategic manoeuvring. Try it. (as a training…start with surprising yourself).
  4. Stop rehearsing and stop managing the inevitable, focus on leading what nobody else can lead.
  5. Create a compelling (non military) ’dream narrative’. Test: why would anybody (not completely mad) come with me?
  6. Choose your problems before they choose you. Imagine them, tackle them before they do exist.
  7. Choose a strategic level of ambition, before it chooses you. Here are 10 strategic options [3].
  8. Revere the past, move forward fast (or become an archaeologist).
  9. Have an overall cultural strategy in place. You probably have (should have) the others: commercial, market?). Make it visible in your business plan.
  10. Purpose beyond profits (86% global customers say). Find, define your space in the world. High purpose, less high purpose. Not the same as mission and vision, not a definition of what you do or you will do, but why, and why these.