- Leandro Herrero - https://leandroherrero.com -

12 Things your organization needs. The world circa 2017

  1. Deal with /learn to navigate in ambiguity and unpredictability. We don’t have good toolkits but any investment in at least simulating how the company would react, would be worth every minute and every penny
  2. Rapid reaction systems. Create mechanisms for immediate resolution of crisis, big or small. Bring the ethos of the newsroom to the workplace. Worried about wrong reactions? This is like going to the gym? The more you do it the better it gets.
  3. Go beyond ‘adaptation’. Adaption is to be punched in the face and not to fall on the floor, give a smile and say, ‘it could have been worse’. Not a good idea to run an organization.
  4. Create true magnets of people. Q: why would anybody work here? Q2: how long is the queue of people wanting to join you?
  5. Use any human capital available. Any. 24/7 Q&A mode.
  6. Get ‘Critical Thinking’ in the water supply of the company.
  7. Re-think old management and leadership practices. Chances are they are old. That does not make them bad. It’s just a question of whether you’ll need paediatricians or geriatricians when something goes wrong.
  8. Stop leading by benchmarking and ‘best practices’ (but steal any good idea…). The average life cycle of a Best Practice is 5 minutes.
  9. Make the best of digital (internal, external; beyond social media, embrace AI)
  10. Being able to mobilize and engage people ‘bottom up’ distributing the power of change and transformation across the organization
  11. Learn to be in the journey and make the road at the same time
  12. Be very, very humble. This list may be wrong.