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20 reasons why I trust you

  1. I trust you because I can say ‘I haven’t got a clue’ and you don’t think I am an idiot
  2. I can be vulnerable and won’t be penalised
  3. I can be emotional and you won’t think I am weak
  4. I made a mistake and you said you did as well
  5. I opened my heart and I did not regret it
  6. I told you something in confidence and you kept it like this
  7. I shared my doubts and I did not go down the ranking
  8. I showed you my tiredness and you didn’t think I wasn’t able.
  9. I am not as strong as you think but you could see my strengths that I don’t
  10. You said that you’ll help me and you did
  11. You said I could call you and you meant it
  12. I felt overwhelmed and you did not broadcast it
  13. When I screwed up, you could have avoided me, but you gave me your public hand
  14. You knew how much I depended on that piece of work and you delivered to me earlier
  15. I got mad and you didn’t
  16. You always keep your promises
  17. You represent me and I can sleep
  18. You protected me and did not send the bill
  19. You always tell me the truth even when I don’t want to hear it
  20. You never grow at the expenses of my shrinking