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25 facets of a Project Leader in a large organization (spoilt for choice)

Here you are. 25 identities for Project Leaders/Product Developers/Team leaders etc.

Some you’ll like, some you won’t. Some you’ll think have nothing to do with you, but others you’ll think, this is you. And vice versa.

Be careful with choosing/playing your identities. This is what people see. Choose, before they pick you.

  1. Leader! As in Project Leader! (?)
  2. Project Manager (but called leader?)
  3. Information traffic warden, most days
  4. Super secretary (denied)
  5. Recording officer
  6. Journalist writing down what happens (and reinventing a bit)
  7. Firefighter
  8. Rapid Reaction commando
  9. Psychotherapist, calming everybody down
  10. Killer question detective
  11. Dragon’s Den pitcher
  12. Comfort provider to nervous senior leadership (Valium for the Board)
  13. Trust generator
  14. Navigator of the system’s deficiency
  15. Broker
  16. Blame sponge (blame generator?)
  17. Communicator, messenger (good news, bad news)
  18. ‘Making it work first’ guy, fixing the system later
  19. Machiavelli in the payroll
  20. Difficult questions generator
  21. Critical Thinker
  22. God
  23. Father, mother, grandpa, grandma
  24. Headmaster
  25. The person with the powerpoints