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3 kinds of people you need to replace; 3 kinds of people you need. Development Plan done.

Three bad news people:

People who sell discontent. They become experts. You may have an entire internal Sales Force of this. They are often quite successful at this. People buy this stuff because it’s easy. These are corporate street dealers who make an enormous ego-profit.

Managers who are in permanent rehearsal mode. Today is not a word in their vocabulary. They are planning for when things change, when the management team is complete, and for the next year budget. They are experts on postponing. They are very good at creating presentations for somebody who need to make a presentation to somebody so that she can make a presentation.

People who erode and destroy, even little bits: trust, hope, opportunities, and celebrations. Negative comments here, teasing there, joke over there. Again and again.

Three gems:

People who make things work first, and then they try to fix the problems that may be behind, for the next time.

People who work relationships outside then organization chart, who cut across borders, across divisions, across cultures and languages.

Builders, which is not the same as problem solvers. People who build new ideas, new opportunities, new connections of A and B. There is always something new left behind.

Just imagine the trade-off. A miracle occurs and you replace the Discontent Sales Force; get everybody in today/now mode; ban destructive folks, promote the fixers and the positive ‘let’s do it first, let’s discuss later’, find those relationship bridges and create battalions of builders.  It does not get better than this for an overall People and Organizational Development Plan. Fix these, the rest is commentary