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8 hard arguments on culture for people who think this is fluffy, woolly, soft stuff

  1. Culture is the difference between 30 people making a decision in 30 days, and 3 people making the same decision in 3 days
  2. Culture is the difference between taking accountability, and passing the monkey down the hierarchy
  3. Culture is the difference between waiting to be told, and taking the initiative
  4. Culture is the difference between bringing things in the open, and criticising everybody in the toilets after the meeting has ended and decisions made
  5. Culture is the difference between implementing decisions, and deferring them or waiting hoping that those decisions maybe changed
  6. Culture is the difference between losing 20% of recruits after a recent recruitment investment, and having people knocking at the door wanting to join
  7. Culture is the difference between recycling orphan ideas, and making things happen
  8. Culture is the difference between making things happen first and fixing the broken system afterwards, and paralysing all to fix the system first so things can happen after

Dear leader who thinks culture is fluffy and woolly and soft.  Do you want me to run an ROI on these, or would your imagination do it for now?

PS: Finance is soft, very, very soft. Culture is hard. But fixable, and exciting, and strategic, and meaningful, and a business driver, big time, provided that you stop that ‘soft, fluffy, fuzzy’ thing.

PS2: I insist, I can run an ROI on this for you in no time.


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