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A refresh of Viral Change in a 30 minutes video.

I have recorded this for an HR and Communications conference that I could not attend.

This is a good recent refresh of the principles of Viral Change™,  the Mobilizing Platform behind the creation of social movements, whether inside the organization or outside.

https://leandroherrero.com/dr-leandro-herreros-latest-talk/ [1]

In 2017, culture creation and culture shaping is social movement making. There are rules and principles. I go through them in a 30 min talk. Those who know about Viral Change™  will find familiar concepts even if refreshed, For those  who don’t, this is a good start.

If you don’t have time now, save the link for later. You need 30 min to watch and follow in detail.

Feel free to forward this Daily Thought with the link https://leandroherrero.com/dr-leandro-herreros-latest-talk/ [1]

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My next talk is in Madrid  in la Universidad Francisco de Vitoria on 29th November http://recursos.ufv.es/iddi-mundo-negocio-se-transforma/organizaciones_agiles.pdf [3]

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