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A thousand and one blogs. Now I need you

Yes, I’ve reached that quota. They are all in the website and, incidentally, they are screaming for a new home with more space.

I have been writing almost daily with a few breaks here and there, and the community of readers has continued to grow. This milestone is a good excuse to reflect on how much value all this has produced,  and what directions to take from now on.

Let me share upfront that the main beneficiary of my thousand and one nights (or days) has been me. I have forced myself to articulate ideas, propose ways and venture possibilities. All in the world of organizations. Of course, given my business as the CEO of The Chalfont Project, [1] the areas have inevitably fallen into what we do with my team day by day.

The Daily Thoughts have  also been a reason for a dialogue. Sometimes a silent connectivity with people. It has always surprised me how many people I meet who says, ‘oh! I read your Daily Thought first thing in the morning!’ There are also many people who read them via twitter or the frequent replication  in LinkedIn.

Now I need to know what you think. Should I carry on? Does it help you? Do they make sense? Are they having any impact somewhere? What else?

I thought of a ‘sophisticated survey’ to find out. Then I felt all I needed was one or two questions: so what do you think? What’s next? Any comments, any lengths, any directions welcome.

My team has plenty of ideas and won’t let me  even have a mini-sabbatical. But I need to hear form you, directly.

Here is my email leandro-herrero@thechalfontproject.com [2]

Would you let me now? I will read it all, one by one, bit by bit.

Many thanks