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Along came a spider.

(Friday 20.01.17 AD, 45th President of the USA, Inauguration Day)

Conscious that this only makes sense to the Anglo-Saxon tribes of this world, I will reproduce the nursery rhyme (poems/song for children) here:

Little Miss Muffet
sat on a tuffet (footstall)
eating her curds and whey (let’s say cottage cheese)
along came a spider
and sat down beside her
and frightened Miss Muffet away

Of course this is also Morgan Freeman’s movie, which is James Patterson’s novel, which is Alex Cross character.

Along came a spider. This children ‘song’ has been used to represent anything from ‘don’t talk to strangers’ to ‘anything (bad) can happen’.

Along came a spider. Tempted to sing it for the inauguration. I understand they are short of performers.

I can’t think of anything else sensible to say today, 20 January 2017, when ‘the most powerful man in the world’ takes office and walks in at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC 20500

The plot to come and develop in weeks and months will need a least a James Patterson.

In the series ‘The Good Wife’, Eli Gold’s character, played by Alan Cumming, advises Alicia Florrick, main protagonist:

If you’re in doubt you don’t say no, you say “Thank you for your advice, all options are open to me, I plan to decide in the next 48 hours.”

All options are open to me’ stuck in my brain. It’s a great line. We joke about it at home.

This is how I feel. The unexpected spiders of the world have made me feel, ok, look, all options are open to me. The spiders have given me permission to more and more options, as opposed to frightening me. (That was after the OMG, that is)

Brexit is Brexit and suddenly I realise that I am a foreigner in the country I have been living for 30 yeas. Yes, I have been an immigrant and a foreigner for 30 years, and I have only realised now. Could you believe it? Oh, well, all options are open to me now.

The 45th President of the Disunited States takes over and suddenly that sole fact gives bad dreams a bad name. OK, we (my company) know a thing or two about people mobilization and there are so many good public social causes to focus on. Oh, well, all options are open to me.


Little world of Hope
sat on a world yes-we-can sofa
eating her popcorns, muffins and veggie burgers
along came a spider  in Pennsylvania Avenue
and sat down beside her
and suddenly we all were fired.