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And I’ll see you all back in the New Year!

It has been an intense year in many aspects. I am grateful to clients and friends, and above all my team who has lived with me the never linear world of business. I am very proud of all our projects across the world, but there is a big highlight: the shaping of the culture of an entire Health Care system, in Ireland. [1]The social movement is taking place now with approximately peer-nominated 900 viral change champions. And this is the beginning.

We have never done anything for a health care system before, other than some speaking. Working with health care workers you are in a different planet of commitment, dedication, challenge, public scrutiny and thousands of daily acts of courage, compassion, and care mostly invisible. Yoi can learn here more about this social movement.

My big projects for early 2018 is to create an online masterclass of social movements, provisionally entitled Mobilize! I want to share with as many people as possible what it takes to create large scale mobilization of people, and how to avoid fiascos and either sudden or sloe death

In the meantime here is a link to a 30 min talk on running companies as social movements [2]. Initially created with focus on HR/OD and Communications community  is in fact a tour for everybody in the business of creating large scale engagement and change. If you have time, get the coffee and the earphones

I am pausing fresh Daily Thoughts  here until the  New Year although there will still be some re-tweeting of  time-less materials

Thanks for being part of this community. I’d love to hear from you if you have time and inclination.

Have a great Christmas and enter the New year with joy, gratitude and aspirations