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Announcing: MOBILIZE! Masterclass; a blueprint for social movements

Happy New Year!

Daily Thoughts will be back in flow on the 1st of February

During this gap, I have been working on my online MOBILIZE! Masterclass; ablueprint for social movements. Filming is all done and we’re in full editing and production mode.

It has 28 chapters (videos/episodes) of anything between 7 and 15 minutes ( with very few exceptions) and therefore it can be taken, digested and studied at a personal pace.

I am very pleased so far, well, you’ll tell me.

I thought that instead of writing my seventh book, and the third on the Viral Change™ area, I would create this ‘long AV piece’ where I share all my real life experience, ideas and practicalities of creating large scale behavioural and cultural change in the form of a Social Movement. A 18 year journey, more or less…

MOBILIZE! applies to the business organization, public, private, NGO and also civic platforms, political activism and social change campaigns. Anywhere where you need exponential change and sustainability

I’ll post the trailer/intro when I’ll have it…!

I welcome your ideas on how I can make this available to the right people, in the commercial world or otherwise, and if you want to be kept posted on its release, please let me know at leandro-herrero@thechalfontproject.com

See you soon!