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Bezos did not tell us anything about the size of the pizzas.

So some organizations cook very, very large ones.

No, this is not a gastronomic blog.

Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s CEO, said once ‘Never have a meeting where two pizzas couldn’t feed the entire group’

My recent experiences are of organizations that either did not get Bezos’ memo or have a very broad concept of a pizza. Despite many years of people understanding the importance of efficiency, or simplicity, and the risks of ‘over-inclusiveness’ (everybody needs to be involved in everything), many corporate meetings continue to be something close to Trade Fairs.

The working life continues to be a meeting life, with calendars booked in a way that people heroically describe as ‘back to back’, which is a guarantee of not front to anything seriously. Working life equals meeting life. And no sign of the Bezos’ pizza memo.

The Trade Fairs (AKA meetings) have more and more people coming in and out, checking their smartphone, typing something, looking up, smiling and soon disappearing to… another conflicting and overlapping Trade Fair. Busy-ness.

These corporate nomads are seriously annoying. They keep the size of the pizza very large.