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Blair, leading, and the discussion I did not intend to have


Daily Thoughts have a short summer break.

In the meantime I thought you’d welcome to read some of the previous ones, which have created great traction, whether here or in their copied version in LinkedIn Pulse.

In the leadership area, this one caused a little tsunami!

The ‘Blair’s Fundamental Error’ of leadership (it’s not political) [1]

There were hundreds of people in LinkedIn debating Iraq, the war, the inquiry… My intention was to trigger a discussion on Leadership! If you missed this one, you’ll see it intends to divert that discussion to that topic.

But I did not managed it! Some comments went crazy: You don’t understand that leaders make decisions, Leandro! (thanks, my friend) or Blair has apologised, what else di you want? (He has not, he did for the pain caused, not the facts; and, besides, err, this was not the point either)

It is by the way linked to the Great Man Theory of History. See this here:

The 19th Century Great Man Theory of history is still well alive in our understanding of leadership in organizations [2]

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