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Calling the Activists. Calling you.

I started these Daily Thoughts about 565 days ago, give or take, or at least this is the number of pieces that you can find in www.leandroherrero.com [1] . So, 1.54 years ago I made the commitment of sharing something of some use for the world of people and organizations every day. The ‘every day’ was always a bit of a shock for people. ‘Surely you don’t mean everyday’. Well, yes, I do. My daughter told me when I started that it would be over by Christmas. That Christmas. Which was just her usual cheeky way of saying, you cannot seriously write something every day. ‘But, some writers do, and composers, and many journalists’ So? I also have the occasional question of how many people I have writing these pieces. One. Me.

I promised myself that I would stop the day that I would look at what I had written, in front of me, and say, this is non sense, or who cares, or something like that. “Rubbish’, would be a good Providential sign.

It has not happen yet, but it may.

I am blessed by having a large community of readers; by the frequent positive feedback, by all the ones who talk to me and say how such and such idea, or piece, was a trigger for something that happened in their organization, or something people discussed. It was used; it made an impact.

The community created around the Daily Thoughts is big. A little sign of community that always makes me smile is when somebody unsubscribes from the daily email but writes ‘but I am now following you on the daily Linked in’, or in the twitter feed. That little effort to say, I am still here. Not gone anywhere.

I am calling now all of you to ACT. Go beyond the personal ‘aha!’, the personal ‘that’s interesting’, the personal smile. Don’t keep it there. As more and more of you are doing already, share it with others, forward, invite others to subscribe to the free email, propose a use, introduce it to 2,3, more people, sent that email ‘have you seen this’?, or ‘John, that could be good for our project’, or ‘Mary, do you agree with this?. Go from reader to owning the spread of the stuff.

I am less interested that you agree or not with me on the content, than you use it with your people, clients, friends, team mates, your bosses. I am more interested in the way you spread it, even the way it could help you professionally to spread it, than the number of ‘likes’ – although I am grateful for them. You re the multiplier of whatever value may be in the Daily Thoughts. I launch it, I need you to scale it.

Behind the Google rankings of my work, be Viral Change™ or The Chalfont Project, the companies I head; Daily Thoughts and its reproduction in LinkedIn and Twitter, there is ZERO SEO budget. Where it is, is where it is. There is no other promotion than your reading and forwarding. That is, nor donate bottom, not bronze, silver and gold subscriptions.

I know that seeding ideas, some times a bit contrarian or disruptive, some times just a bit provocative, sometimes none of then above, is seeding potential high impact. And this is my mission. It MUST be a better way to understanding organization and mobilizing people in 2016! And because these rules are not written, I am simply providing the alphabet.

As most of you know, I do a limited but ‘protected’ amount of corporate speaking engagements during the year (I spend my time on my consulting projects and running my companies) where I package lots of these things, tailor to the client and come along not to ‘entertain’ (I don’t do after dinner speeches and post-chardonnay ‘discussions’) but to inject something in the air that the audience can’t scape from; 1 hr., 2 hr., half a day, a day. Talk to my UK team if you need to arrange for this.

Remember that behind each Daily Thought there is a little ecosystem. Go to the site (www.leandroherrero.com [1]) and play with the search engine to create some panels or ‘groupings’ that, when all next to each other, will give you a fair amount of briefing or pre-reading to an event, activity or discussion. You can always use them if referred to their origin (and we are improving the facility to crate consolidated and curate topics)

This is your call to ACTion, together with the only word that matters now: Thanks!