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Change is great, you go first.

And old sticker said

This is a situation in which I find myself very often:

  1. Several corporate groups agree (vocally, explicitly, passionately) about the need to change or transform
  2. Everybody is looking to anybody else to see who dares to start doing something.
  3. Either
    (a) the whole thing collapses, and people continue to look at each other and vocally, explicitly, passionately, declare the need to do something
    (b) One of them starts without waiting for the entire corporate ecosystem to be enlightened or a Damascus trip.
    (c ) Then others move.
    (d) All claim leadership.

Its 2018. Corporations need to develop, evolve, transform, adapt (please add your own preferred words) and there is no time to enlighten the entire universe. Somebody needs to start in their own territory of control (division business unit, affiliate). This is leadership.

Do not invoke lack of readiness. It is a red herring. Nobody is ready.  Readiness is always a state of mind of people who have already started to move.