- Leandro Herrero - https://leandroherrero.com -

Corporate brands are behavioural. They have always been, but are not often spoken about.

Brand (identity), whether big brand or small brand, is a behavioural powerhouse. Strictly speaking I would say a Pull-House, because it should pull behaviours and multiply them at a scale.

The sense of belonging to a tribe, a brand, a concept, a ‘place in the world’ is today not merely emotionally or aesthetical, it is full blown behavioural. We, the tribe, the inhabitants of that space in the world, the ones hosted by the brand, do things in a particular way, have a particular DNA, have borders (even porous) and a particular way of understanding relationships.

How the (corporate) brand projects itself outside, to the market, should be a mirror of how it does internally (employees). Very often there is a disconnect. The funky external look is not that funky inside; a fabulous external marketing machinery has a very poor internal marketing of ideas; what people see outside and what happens inside is often night and day.

Brand strategists should be behavioural strategists. No focus on behaviours, no brand work worth the label.

Behavioural strategists are natural brand shapers.

The brand is the people magnet and the behavioural trigger and multiplier. Everything else, from logo to ‘brand guidelines’ are artifacts.

Show me how you behave and I will tell you about your brand.