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3 Daily Thoughts on: Leadership

Many of you have told us that a regular summary of Daily Thoughts’ posts, focused on certain topics, would be useful – so here you go! I will begin to regularly send these summaries out on a Sunday, but for this week only I’ve decided to create three posts on three very popular topics, starting with Leadership.

1. The leader is not an answerphone. Or a help-desk. [1]

In this post, I discuss the power of peer-to-peer engagement, and the fact that leaders do not have to have all the answers!

2. This time it’s personal, actually. [2]

Here I consider the power of personal contact and the value placed on this by our colleagues.

3. Five spaces that the organizational leader needs to design and nurture [3]

This popular post explores the ways leaders can create “spaces” for their employees to be heard.

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