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Don’t read this. It’s a commercial. (Part 2 of 2, promise)

Ok, so you are back.

I shared yesterday 5 shifts. Here are the other 5. As I said yesterday, Viral Change™ or not, reflect on the merits of the shifts

  1. We are very good at all-things-formal-organization. We know how to create new teams, and train them; committees, task forces etc. We are more uncomfortable however with the informal organization. Paradoxically most good things, including voluntarism, spontaneous collaborations, ideas for innovation etc., take place in the informal side. The Viral Change™ Mobilizing platform creates the operating system to maximize both working in sync.
  2. Communications have always been at the core of what management did. In fact, we all have been told ‘communicate, communicate, communicate’. Ah! If that was true, life would be much easier. [Have your seen those posters? ‘Smoking kills’, ‘Get your flue vaccine’. ‘Don’t drink and drive’) Storytelling however has an incredible power to create common sense of purpose and shared commitment to action. There is a whole industry of storytelling where ‘everything goes’ for the sake of it. Viral Change™ incorporates a precise storytelling system that accelerates all kinds of progress.
  3. Leadership is required! Big news? Well, there are more than one type of leadership. For us, three: top down, distributed (outside the organization chart) and Backstage Leadership™- the art of the hierarchical system to support, not dictate or control, the non hierarchical (peer-to-peer networks). Viral Change™  glues all types under a single platform making sure that they are not mixed up and that one enhances the other.
  4. As mentioned before, change -ability today matters more that ‘change’. The Viral Change™ emphasis is on building lasting capacity in the organization, to make the word ‘change’ redundant, to build resilience and longevity.
  5. The traditional change (and management) approach relies on KPIs for measurement. Viral Change™  does measure what is going on. More than KPIs. Viral Change™  provides a system of ongoing insights and metrics, soft and hard,  that allow for re-calibration and leadership actions.

PS. May I share an anecdote? A good professional whom I value, years ago, got very irritated with my trademarks. She said that she loved Viral Change™ until it got the TM. Interesting concept of love in fact, but what can I say? We were at that time in an (unusual for me) Twitter forum and got many people scratching their (virtual) heads about the ‘complain’ from that colleague. I have not spoken to her since, but I presume she will be offended that we also own Backstage Leadership™, Viral Safety™ and Viral Leadership™. Anybody who has ever been remotely involved with trademarks  would know that this is not just a game, one has to demonstrate the substance behind and the uniqueness.