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Dr Kate Grange, R.I.P. Hello, my name is Leandro Herrero

Dr Kate Grange has died.

Terminally ill from cancer for a long time, she has finally left us. She campaigned relentlessly for the humanization of the doctor/nurse/patient relationship when, being in the other side, she realised first hand that nobody had introduce himself or herself to her. She created and tirelessly developed the Hellomynameis campaign and movement, now adopted in thousand places in the world and multi-thousand people.

I have written about this before: The #hellomynameis campaign deserves all attention and support [1]

A simple idea with full passion went viral. How much of this will continue to grow, or its fate in general, will depend on many factors. But the need for an injection of ‘humanity bits’ at a scale (greeting, smiling, my name is, what’s yours? say thanks) will never cease, because these are the first to go out of the window under stress, or in a non caring culture, health care or otherwise.

Formidable Kate showed us that it was possible to start from zero, as she did, and create a movement (whilst been treated from cancer) which, leaves the un-formidable like myself with a good role model for difficult times.

Hello Kate, my name is Leandro, you may nor remember me but I had the privilege of meeting you in Dublin under the auspices of the Health Service Executive of Ireland.