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Employee Disengagement (part 2). A cheap experiment to test your test.

Following on from Monday’s Daily Thought on Employee Disengagement, [1] in which I suggested four main sources:

  1. The video and the audio don’t match
  2. Personal gratification has become insufficient
  3. Declining commitment is now socially infected
  4. Some catalyst event has contaminated the place (and me)

I’d like to pick on number 4 and suggest an easy behavioural experiment to determine the solidity of a particular Employee Engagement survey/tool.

Pick a Division in which you can split the employee population into at least three rather homogenous samples of some size.

Do the comparisons of the results, and enjoy. You don’t have to hire a social scientist to cater for a good control of other variables, but if you have a cousin in second year social psychology or sociology, they will be able to help.

This is the old psychological ‘priming effect’ in action. In fact one of the multiple interpretations of the concept. Previous exposure to a stimulus has significant implications for the outcome. Self explanatory, I hope

My rule of thumb would be that if you encountered significant variations between the A,B and C samples, reasonably assessed, you should think twice about the solidity of the Employee Engagement tool.

It’s not that difficult to test. But some in the HR/OD/HQ/Anywhere Department may think you are mad.

Do it anyway.