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End of week Summary: 3 Favourites

Happy weekend everyone!
This is the Daily Thoughts support team calling!

As we start another month, we take this opportunity again to reflect over the passed few weeks, and some of the key messages Leandro has shared with you all. Please read on for links to 3 of our favourites Daily Thoughts posts from the last month. And as always, feel free to share your thoughts with us by emailing laura-proctor@thechalfontproject.com [1]

The glass-always-half-empty people never bother to fill it in
Reflecting on the kind of leaders and kind of people who make things happen

The 4 hats of leadership: a review [2]
How may of those hats can you see in your organization?

The best contribution that Neurosciences can make to Management and Leadership is to leave the room
Leandro is annoying the Neuro-Anything people, but he does not mean it. To annoy, that is. Tryst us.

Enjoy and happy weekend!

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PS. Remember Leandro’s Webinar: Company culture as a social movement [3].  Few seats left.