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End of Week Summary: 3 of our Favourites!

Hello from the Daily Thoughts team!

Here at HQ, we can’t quite believe it’s March already – although we are enjoying the spring sunshine! We thought it was a good opportunity to look back over the first few weeks of the year, and in doing so have decided to share our favourite Daily Thoughts of 2017 so far with you. Got a particular favourite you would like to tell us about? Drop us a line at laura-proctor@thechalfontproject.com [1]!

When I hear ‘this is a culture of consensus’, my Trouble Detector starts blipping [2]

There is always room for uniqueness, even in the most standardized management process. What would it take? [3]

It’s the journey, not the milk and honey. [4]

We hope you have a great weekend!


The Daily Thoughts Team