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‘Every day is election day’ (also in the office)

It’s a typical saying in US politics and I suspect in many other places.

It’s a powerful thought.

Every day counts as a day of achieving, of moving forward, of engaging peers.

Every day is real life. We often run organizations like a continuous rehearsal for:  when we have the budget, when we have the headcount, when everybody understands, when we are ready, when everybody is onboard. Really? Seriously?

Every day you gain or lose reputation with employees, with customers, with the world. You don’t do reputation on Tuesdays and neglect Wednesdays. Every day is a new real day.

Every day is a test of your leadership, a test of your values in action, a test of your ambition.

Every day is critical

Every day should be lived as if it’s the only day, the make or break day.

Every day is, indeed, election day in the office.