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Five ‘structures’ in search of a corporate space. Leaders, this is your homework

These are ‘functions’ and ‘structures’ in need of spaces in the organization. You may not be brave enough, or crazy enough to call them this way. OK, don’t. But as leader you need to seriously look at ‘where’ you can host them, nurture them, and manage (or perhaps un-manage, who knows) them.

School of Demanding Unreasonable Developments. Perhaps your new Leadership Development group, or the new Learning and Development’. (Note the reasonable ones have some spaces already, or so they say)

Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination. Borrowing this from some anarcho-writings. Sorry. But you need ‘one of these’ somewhere.

Space of Expected Craziness. Maybe physical spaces, maybe not. If physical, why don’t you re-name that big B-307 room to ‘The Beta Room’?

What If Business Unit. Maybe not a unit. Perhaps a Brigade, a Squad, a Rapid Reaction Force. A place (place?) to question the default position, to force ourselves to see the infinite number of other sides of all coins

The workshop of Alternative questions. The question may be obvious. Declare it not obvious. Find all alternatives and at, the very least, take the trouble or writing agendas for workshops with different questions from the ones you have to address.

Make you own spaces. I am really serious about thinking of extra-ordinary titles. Perhaps over the top. Allow yourself. Give permission to your people to do so. Have an internal contest to find the alternative spaces (groups, people, physical space, function, bunch of, permanent structure reporting to you, all of the above)

If it sounds a bit crazy, you are in the right path.

If you dismiss it all, well, have a good day and see you in the crossroads whilst you travel to the Land of Predictable and Unmemorable Targets.