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Happy New Year! Good to see you again. Just checking in.

Back at 08:00 GMT, my alarm clock, with  ideas left behind with the community of readers, followers, clients, my global teams, friends and combinations. Good to see you! Happy New Year.

My promise to you is this: I will continue to post for as long as I feel there is something there to ponder, to wander, to reflect or simply to say hello to you. Our conversations are often silent but I treasure them. What comes out in these Daily Thoughts is fresh. It may have been baking for a while, but it’s always almost straight from the oven. That has its liabilities. For example, spellings and grammars are not always cooked. I sometimes forget the salt and pepper. I’ll try to improve this. But not too much. There is no editorial team behind, such as a Polishing Brigade with a degree in English literature. Yes, I have a great team that manages my sanity in the background. But I am the only one writing. Oh, I forgot the robots, one or two that diligently send you this email. They are usually under control.

Being in this mailing list is still the best way to ensure you and I stay tuned. You can imagine that there have been multiple temptations to ‘abandon email’ in favour of social media only, but I’m always reminded that many of you welcome, even treasure, the arrival of the Daily Thought in an otherwise crowded inbox.

Of course we also send stuff to twitter (@LeandroEHerrero) and other places. My team often replicates a slightly edited version in Linkedin. Linkedin has awarded me at the end of 2016 with the grandiose title of (one of the) ‘Top Voice in the UK’ during 2016. So, thanks! I also got a mug from them! Thanks again.

We are experimenting with additional ways to share the content: compilations by topics, weekly summaries, snap bits/quotes, digital magazine, Daily Thoughts in audio, etc. Any ideas welcome. To remind you that the search facility in www.leandroherrero.com [1] can bring up a series of ideas together which you can use with your team, for example.

I have not asked you for anything, indeed, I am honoured that you read and follow. But If I did ask one thing, this would be that you invite others to sign up for the free Daily Thought: you teams, your reports, bosses, friends, colleagues or anybody remotely interested in what is going on in the modern organization, business, non profit, private or public.

2017 is going to be ‘interesting’ ( You see? I’ve been too long in the UK to learn British understatements).

2016 saw absurdity coming to dinner uninvited. 2017 will be dominated by the pursue of sanity. We have no choice. 

Let’s make of our organizations a laboratory of sanity. A nurturing place for critical thinking, creativity and imagination, authenticity, generosity, and hope. A place of legacy.

Now, let’s get back to work.

PS. A aggregation of the last 5 Daily Thoughts in one, under the title ‘Readiness is the new capability. It’s both a state of mind and a set of actions’ [2]can be read in Linkedin