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How can I think out of the box? I can’t find the door

Our box is incredibly sophisticated.

It has the latest quality walls, sofas, working spaces and lots of meeting rooms.

I am told that there is something called ‘out of the box’ but I don’t quite get it. I can’t imagine what it could possibly be outside.

I am also told of tales of some people who went out and thought out of the box, and quite liked that, apparently, but I never knew who they were. They don’t seem to be here anymore. Which makes the thinking out of the box a bit dangerous, to tell you the truth.

If this box had windows, perhaps it would be different. But we were told once that, it is so cold out of the box, that it’s better not to have windows. It is so cozy here, I must say.

Anyway, the box keeps us very busy. We are re-engineering the way the rooms are arranged, creating new processes, and always striving for better lighting, better work-life balance and better employee engagement. That is, employee engagement inside the box, of course.

I have to say, a take my words back, I am tempted from time to time to imagine what it would feel to ‘think outside this thing’.

And, in fact, we are told many, many times, ‘we must think out of the box’. But, seriously, I can’t see how.

Somebody must open a dammed door. Then we’ll see.