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I challenge you with this quiz, when applied to your own organization.

There are about 200 people in the organization.

  1. But 10 of them at the top are very powerful
  2. In fact, 5 of them are more powerful than others
  3. There are about 50 people who really try hard
  4. That does not include the powerful 10
  5. From these 50, 20 do more work than anybody else
  6. And 10 of them end up doing 75% of the work
  7. About half of the workforce is disengaged
  8. About 15 people are very well connected and highly influent inside the organization
  9. More or less half of them are part of that pool of 50 who try hard
  10. 10 are clearly sceptical and negative
  11. Most of them are highly influent
  12. 10 people always ‘get away with murder’ and achieve things by bypassing rules
  13. 15 people in sales are untouchable because they deliver high performance
  14. None of them are highly connected and influent, but they meet high sales target
  15. 25 people are ‘chronic volunteers’: they put their hands up quickly and get involved no matter what
  16. From those, about half are full of good intentions but not very efficient
  17. 5 people are incredibly toxic
  18. About half of the highly connected and influent are quite low in managerial ranks
  19. 30% of people are really worried about money and personal finances
  20. 15 people are thinking of leaving in the next 3 months

(1) I challenge HR and senior managers to tell me who is who. To put names into groups

(2) I challenge HR and senior managers to tell me what to do differently with each group, once people have been identified (if they have been identified)

We are running organizations with social blindness and rough metrics, not fit for purpose.

The performance-based categorisation (underperforming, contributors, achievers, stars etc) that is often the single categorisation we have in an organization, says nothing about any of the 20 segments above, with perhaps a couple of exceptions.

I sometimes think that we are running the game but we haven’t got a clue what’s going on with the players, and that, if tomorrow half of the workforce is replaced with Martians, nobody would notice.

Ah! Am I exaggerating? OK, so, could you answer the quiz in your own organization? What would you get? 10 out of 20? 5? 20?


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