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‘If’ the management poem. c2019

Every year I review the version of this list and share with my community. Here is again, 2019 mode, with compliments to R Kipling.

If instead of a company, you had and led a community.

If instead of employees you had internal social activists.

If instead of people in the payroll, colleagues behaved as a volunteers.

If instead of a mission you had a cause.

If instead of a culture you had a social movement.

If instead of leaders you had brokers.

If instead of teams and a teamocracy you had peer-to-peer networks with widespread teaming up.

If instead of a budget to spend you had a budget to invest.

If instead of employee engagement you had employee loving-it-here.

If instead of a business plan to execute you had a business campaign to run.

If instead of annual employee engagement surveys you had continuous sampling of opinions.

If instead of asking why people left, you asked them why they are still here.

If instead of values on the wall you had non-negotiable behaviours on the ground.

If your organizational structure could self-reconfigure as needed without a noise or hassle.

If the words change management were alien or retired. Or one of them redundant.

If you had a long queue of people wanting to join in.

If you spoke human language as opposed to management dialect.

If work-life balance was an oxymoron, you loved your work and your non work.

If you could walk into a very special place at 9 am everyday and looking forward to it on a Monday morning.

If you could feel that what you personally do has a real visible impact.

Then, ‘yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it’,

And – which is more – you’ll be a New Leader, my son!