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In my shopping list for new leaders, circa 2018 (and 5 of 5): Mobilizers

Managing? Leading?  Probably one of the worse dichotomies ever invented. Another day.

Engaging? Motivating? Committing?

Consider Mobilizing! It means…what it means. Get people in motion, act, stop the paralysis, the reservations, the permissions. It contains engaging, motivating and the rest.

Mobilizing also means organizing. Using language form social movements, ‘organizing for collective action’.

In our Viral Change™ programmes, there is a particular role called ‘Mobilizers’ who are colleagues coordinating pockets of grassroots activities.

Mobilizing also means a road, a map, a direction, pace, sense of destiny. It also resonates with collective energy and common purpose. It refers to a sense of duty, of addressing injustice, or simply shaping something better for a future. Hopefully leaving behind some legacy.

It’s at the core of large scale behavioural and cultural change. That means culture. That means culture as a social movement. That’s what my team does for a living.

If you fancy a coffee, watch my 30 min tour on the topic [1]. Or make a note to come back when in privacy.

In my shopping list for new leaders, circa 2018, my last in the list is Mobilizing.  Mobilizer, leaders who invite, bridge builders, reframers and depolarizers, (as per my previous four) forgive my language, are a good bunch. I love their company.

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