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My soft stuff/test results: 3 Plus, 3 Minus, 3 Grr!

I have found myself in full philosophical mode, taking stock. End of year I suppose. This is like a blood test without the blood to find compatibilities and antibodies, all in one. It does not describe me, but what that ‘me’ can take, look for or reject bitterly.

It’s personal by the way! Here we are:

My top 3 in the character side are:

Loyalty: this one keeps coming up top all the time, no matter what

Generosity: when you are the receiver of a gift that did not have to come, from somebody who has the habit of sending them to you.

Compassion: genuine concern for others (that includes me). When you see it, you’ll never forget anymore.


My top 3 in the high antibody generation category are:

Mediocrity: usually associated (I don’t know why) with people who think they are genius.

Arrogance: from people who think they are of a higher league, everybody else being second class citizen.

Carelessness: quick and dirty and un-thought and half baked, and, they don’t care. Of course!



Taken for granted: emotionally, professionally, personally, in relationships, you name it. It includes the feeling of entitlement that some people exhibit.

Nombrilisme: which is the French name for navel-gazing, but it sounds much better. Since we are in a Me-Era, it is not difficult to find people (and organizations!) who are just looking at themselves with pride.

The oblivious: it’s kind of included above but my grr! comes from the deep frustration of seeing people who have no clue about what is going on around them. And that includes many managers and leaders I know.

What I found interesting (and I suggest you can test it with yourself) is how long it took me to come up with this 3+3+3. I don’t think it reached the 10 seconds mark. I think that if one pauses and looks at the self-tests, it should not be difficult to answer the questions: what is my 3+3+3?

So, let me ask you, what are yours?