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Obituary: Incrementalism

Please pray for the soul of incrementalism that, after a long and slow incremental illness, left us for good. After so many years of services and so many Continuous Improvement Programmes, fatigue took its toll. All sorts of incremental remedies were used in the effort to prolong life, to no avail.

Incrementalism is survived by her partner of many years One-Thing-At-A-Time, and her two children Take-Risks-But-Not-Too-Much and Rome-Was-Not-Built-In-A-Day.

The funeral has been planned for next month to allow for relatives and sympathizers to come from everywhere in the world. In particular, the following have announced their presence so far: Patience, Compromise, and the owner of the largest mind tranquilizer  factory, ‘We are all saying the same, but with different words’

Incrementalism is said to leave behind a large fortune to be used mainly in the creation of a new Slow and Painful Change Foundation.