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Polarity is the new slavery. We need new Abolition Laws.

On one side, taxes are good, big government, social welfare, fighting for social justice and social mobility, human rights, women rights, pro-abortion, pro gay marriage, pro LGBT, piss off bankers, pro immigration, diversity and inclusion, and transgender education in schools. Ah, climate change is big and a green world is a super super priority.

On the other side, not to abortion, any, individual achievement, ‘there is no such a thing as society’, taxes are bad, government to the minimum, freedom of the individual, traditional family, piss off transgender education in schools (trans what?),  low taxes, no immigrants.  Ah, and climate change not sure, really, overrated at least, and green  world, well, I am already doing my recycling.

I have no idea which side I am anymore. I have been offered every single day a polarized, binary, Manichean world, and I’m am supposed to tick all the boxes to ‘belong’.

I am of an age that this polarization annoys me enormously, but I can navigate. The new generations are offered a package. Package One or Package Two.

The problem is that there is an insidious,  cognitive halo effect that is unconscious. If you care for the environment and social justice, great. Automatically you will be pro-abortion and big taxes. I have never understood what abortion and taxes have to do with each other, or pro LGBT and climate change for that matter.

If you defend the traditional family and declare yourself pro-life, you must surely want no taxes and think that climate change is a hoax.

Try to choose the bits you want and you’ll find yourself orphan.

Sad that, if you vote, you’ll need to choose the less-evil.

Polarity is the new slavery of the mind.