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Project management is a state of mind. Big Picture people must have it as well.

Project management is a state of mind, not a software. But if you have both, it helps.

Some people have great ability to see the big picture. More often than not I have found that the best of them are also very good at seeing the processes behind, timelines, and desired achievements (I refuse to use the world delivery other than for my Dominos’ pizza guy)

It is a myth that either you are high level, blue sky, strategic, Big Picture person or a Gantt Chart junkie, anal creature. These black and white, binary worlds have been created artificially. I have yet to meet a seriously Big Picture guy who does not understand milestones, and a seriously good Project Manager who does not see the big picture.

The mediocre ones, of either type, yes, agree, they’re bipolar. One or the other. And bad at both.

‘Managing a project’ is an flying exercise: up to 3000 feet, down a bit, up again, down  close to earth, but not yet, up, down to earth, landing, taking off again. The best project managers (i.e people with a project management attitude) go up and down the granularity level with no problem.

Bad project management is the one that discusses level one with date that belongs to level three, or vice versa. I know you know. I know as well, but I find myself wondering sometimes why we are flying above the clouds discussing the number of paper clips.