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Purpose is always in the basement

One’s true purpose is never finally decided.

Like history, purpose is always found backwards and then edited. A little journey of re-creation and reconstruction perhaps occurs every day. It’s a journey to the basement to unpack old boxes and dig through the clutter.

There are discoveries and dust, photographs you thought you had scrapped and items you thought you had lost. Interesting encounters will be mixed with embarrassing memories. Let the truth come out.

Perhaps at some point you will be tired of the digging. Perhaps you will become elated like at Christmas Eve. Who knows.

Purpose is always at ground zero, never in the shiny windows of the penthouse. Don’t waste your time on those elevated floors full of neon signs. Let the basement free you.

When you go back to the upper floors, you may indulge yourself in creating goals and milestones to look forward, but don’t get too excited. Purpose is never strangled in a set of events or in a calendar. It always remains a bit mysterious, unfinished, in progress.

You will always edit it as you go along.

PS: The basement also holds all your ‘why’ but, it’s so cluttered there, that it may be difficult to find them. Let them discover you. If you always ‘start with why’ you will become proficient at providing answers. Answers and truth are distant cousins, but not the same. The ‘why’ are also reconstructed backwards.


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