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Q: ‘What’s the best innovation in Medicine in recent years? A: ‘The chair’

That’s how Gregorio Maranon put it.

Maranon (1887-1960) was a Spanish physician of the ‘humanistic school’. Meaning, more than a physician: also scientist, historian philosopher and writer.

The question was put to him in an interview. It was recorded at the time that Gregorio Maranon, who was seen then as the greatest thought leader in Spanish Medicine, paused for a bit before answering. The interviewer was expecting a technological answer of some sort. Maranon put it clearly: it’s about listening to patients, about being human, about using the chair.

The chair still remains today the greatest innovation. Although it is becoming a disruptive innovation!

Sitting, listening. Listening? Do you really mean that? Wow!

What an invention.

The chair, my friend, it’s the chair.