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Reinvent some wheels

Allow yourself to be a bit inefficient

Reinvent some wheels from time to time

Don’t always reuse the same presentation

Don’t cut and paste from an original document

Change routines once a month

Don’t repeat a workshop twice in the same conference

Same joke only allowed after six months

Inject a percentage of new process in an old process

All teams must have a sell-by-date at which point they will dissolve themselves

Don’t repeat the same presentation to employees in different places

Be irritating by asking ‘can we do this in different way?’

Leave routines for going the gym

Don’t use the same route to drive to work every day

Reinvent that wheel

Allow yourself a dose of inefficiency to discover new possibilities and being extremely effective. Effectiveness has to do with success, solutions, possibilities perhaps not planned, emergent. You can’t solve organizational and business problems with an army of very efficient people.

Efficiency has to do with no waste and repetition. Some things need to be very efficient, like a car.  Like some manufacturing processes. Raising teenagers however has to be effective and allow for a high dose of inefficiency in terms of time and effort spent.

Be courageous and say, actually, I am going to reinvent the wheel.

Be bold and ask, are we very efficient or very effective?

Ditto, do we have any slack in the system? Any buffer? Any marvellously inefficient pockets?

You may drive some people mad. That’s a good sign.

Some wheels are in desperate need of reinvention.

Go for it.