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Scalable or not scalable. That is the question.

Traditional management has focused on interventions that scale by the maths of addition. Modern, new radical management focuses on ways to scale up. It’s multiplication time.

Training does not scale per se. If you have 500 people to train and you have trained 250, you are half a way. You have 250 brains and hearts to go. Maths of addition.

Coaching does not scale. It’s very good for the person coached but that’s it. Of course you hope that by coaching, other good things will come out. That’s why you do it. But this dos not make it scalable.

Team development, top leadership development, do not scale. You will have a fantastic, well developed, greatly aligned team. And you need that. But it does not scale. You need to repeat with the next and the next.

Behaviours scale up. They are copied. Somebody starts something, other people copy (consciously or not), a critical mass is created. (see the World I-World II [1]distinction here)

Managing on non-scalable mode all the time is not efficient. You won’t stop, should not stop, coaching or training or doing team building. They are injections needed. But you need to balance your organizational interventions with things that scale. That’s why focusing on behaviours is key.

I hear you saying, but they could go wrong. Sure! As parenthood or cooking. Anything could go wrong. But you set out to make it right.

The Viral Change Mobilizing Platform [2] has behaviours as the currency. Why behaviours? Why not information, indoctrination, sensitization, values, beliefs? Go back to paragraph 1.



PS. I will be doing a webinar on Antifragility: powered by Viral Change™ [3] Wednesday 9th of September, organized by Si Alhir [4] and will be sharing some ideas about how to (re) build an organization that may have antifragilyty properties embedded.