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Social Daily Thoughts? Two recent ones to discuss with somebody.

Still in pause mode, here is a reflection from the Daily Thoughts Support team @ The Chalfont Project

Two recent posts that created significant traction in several channels

From mess to clarity in two paths: the rational and the effective [1]

There is the traditional rational way and the effective way:  We solve the issue, we make it work first, now. No  matter what. Then (after)  we look back, we fix the process, define accountabilities and … explain everything that needed to be explained.

 Most of the comments and conversations came from people saying ‘we actually know colleagues who will fix the problem first and then will go back to fix the process and systems’. And they are recognised almost as semi-heroes! In my experience, these people are gems and exhibit a behaviour that others imitate easily.

Another Daily Thought of big traction referred to Leandro’s learning in a health care set up. Somebody said: ‘the patient is with  us for a week…we have a week to make a difference in the other 51. Leandro  called it The 51 week problem [2].

For this one, most people commented on what Leandro had called before ’the tyranny of the one-off’, the short shot (meeting, intervention, off site, away day, company conference) that has no follow up, that does not look into what happens next.

These two different posts elicited different conversations. But their power was similar: precisely that triggered conversation, the nudge, the reason to discuss.

Keep making  these Daily Thoughts social! Share with others, invite others…