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Team Rules: a sample

One of my favourite sets of Team Rules. Real life. Not invented. One of my best clients.

  1. Always curious
  2. No bullshit
  3. All thoughts in the open, good or bad (no whinging in the toilets)
  4. My time is not elastic. Yours?
  5. Team’s success is mine. My success is the team’s success
  6. Eyes on destination, the road is bumpy
  7. Navel gazing is neither aesthetic nor productive
  8. Mistakes are OK. No, really, they are.
  9. People with all the answers are overqualified to work here
  10. Call it out, name it, stop the nonsense
  11. Ask for help, offer help, you are not on your own
  12. We laugh a lot, and that’s a promise

Can you match that?