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The Best Of Daily Thoughts 2016 Countdown 10-4

Thanks to all those who voted for their favourite Daily Thoughts of 2016 – we compiled the results and here is your Top 10 countdown, today taking us from 10-4.

10. Invitation: The year of Bullshit Detection [1]

9. The Zeus Strategy: de-aggregating the problem [2]

8. There are good leaders, excellent leaders and Gold leaders. This is what Gold looks like [3]

7. I want builders, not problem solvers,not flow-chart artists [4]

6. Efficiency, Efficacy and Effectiveness: the triplets of management [5]

5. What they don’t teach you in Business Schools about financial management: managing resources you don’t own or control [6]

4. It’s cool to think. It’s not cool to do crap things [7].

Check back tomorrow for the top 3 posts of the year!