- Leandro Herrero - https://leandroherrero.com -

The burning platform was the greatest management invention. Now, can we move on?

Apparently nothing can change unless there is as ‘burning platform’. Business and old change management loves that kind of drama. There was once a real burning platform, yes, many, in the oil and gas industries, and people had to jump to the ocean from the platform. Having a burning platform makes you jump. You may also die.

The funny thing is that many leaders can’t not see a burning platform around (‘this change is going to be difficult here, we don’t have a burning platform, we are doing very well in the market’ – not that infrequent to hear). Fools!

The world is a burning platform. The market is a burning platform. Sociopolitics are in burning platforms. If you don’t see one, you need an optometrist. Or maybe an electric blanket to wrap you up. Maybe there is a rehabilitation camp somewhere for managers who can’t see or feel their burning platform, where they have some hours of electric blankets per day.

If you are doing well, congratulations first. But this is the best time for a refresh, culturally, operationally.

I have written many times, and created many antibodies because of that, that readiness is a red herring. Nobody is ever ready.

So yes, it’s not that you need a burning platform. It’s that if you don’t think you have one, you should step aside as leader straight away, and leave the place to those who can feel the heat.