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The cult of issues. The culture in which airtime is dominated by problems and where navel-gazing is king

Some cultures a very introspective. In a healthy way. Some are pathologically introspective and spend a lot of time dissecting the dynamics of anything that moves. The latter tends to drift towards issues, problems, things that we need to solve. There is a fine line between ignoring the issues and talking only abut issues or indeed creating them when they do not exist.

For some people, issues are something that brings the smell of blood, the infection of gossip, the excitement of war. In those companies, workshops become warkshops.

In those cultures, many people feed a little monster that soon grows fat and becomes a big monster. In some cultures, some people are masters in creating problems that do not exist.

In those, toxicity is high, everything else does no get good attention. Everything is navel gazing under the noble aim of introspection and ‘learning’

Entire communal experiments in the 60s went out of the window not because they were bad in themselves, or because of political or ideological tensions, but simply because people used collective introspection and psychodynamic analyses as oxygen. And those are easily suffocating.

Avoid too much of that. The company is not a big group therapy of people in the payroll.