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The first edition of Viral Change is 10 year old this year? We have only started.We are going to celebrate. Will you join us?

Although our work on large scale behavioural change in organizations started the same day that The Chalfont Project company was funded in 2000, the first edition of Viral Change appeared in 2006. It is 10 year old this year!

The second edition came up in 2008 and a series of trademarks followed.

Then, in terms of books, Homo Imitans [1], a follow up, was published in 2011.

We are planning a bit of a celebration in London this year, before or after the summer break. We have to! Would you come?

Since the beginning, lots of things have happened. Viral Change™ [2] has now been implemented in pharmaceuticals (where we started), oil and gas, transportation, telecoms, food processing, car manufacturing, insurance, civil engineering, wind power and renewable energy, public service/local government, and others.  These are full blown organizational transformations powered by Viral Change™. There have been hundreds of talks and workshops about this as well.

These are the 5 highlights of where we are today:

  1. The company is expanding and crafting new and different partnerships
  2. We almost not talk anymore about a ‘change methodology’ but a Mobilizing Platform [3]. This is far from a simple semantic or opportunistic switch. What Viral Change is providing is a new form or mobilizing people and shaping a new form of a company operating system
  3. We aim at transforming for ever the way organizations understand and master bottom up, grassroots, people engagement and mobilization, whether in then context of a ‘specific change’ or a full culture development. No pressure.
  4. It has never failed
  5. We have only started

This is my quiet soft re-launch on a Sunday!

Will you join us to celebrate, re-start, renew and inject some extra energy for the next ten years?