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The insurgent wins.

The insurgent strategy may be called. It is applicable to politics and also to business.

The insurgent does not play by the rules. The incumbent things this is unfair.
The insurgent controls the conversation, the incumbent things that only his conversation is the legitimate one.
The insurgent surprises.
The incumbents are not particular fond of change, why would they? The insurgents love change.
Insurgents play offense, incumbents defense.
Insurgents often seem to come from nowhere, unpredictable, disruptive. But in hindsight they were not that unpredictable and they were there all the time. Perhaps not taken seriously.

These simple political/social/market principles are incredible powerful. There are insurgent ideas in their own right. I wish they were mine! But they are from Scott Miller and David Morey (The Underdog Advantage ( 2014), The Leadership Campaign (2016)

Moving into an insurgent mentality may be the best business idea you may have. At least think of this possibility: how could you stop playing incumbent? And probably you are one somewhere.

Not surprisingly, Miller and Morey have played this script to the Donal Trump saga with no problem. And they predicted the winning of an insurgent as far as 2014 (‘Its Candidate Smith by a Landslide’ (Huffington post 2014). Clinton was the (establishment) incumbent. She was not against another incumbent but an insurgent. It was not a (proper) candidate vs a candidate. Not fair! Fair? What’s that?

The insurgent won. Miller and Morey go as far as saying that Trump should have won by a huge landslide,  and the only reason why he didn’t was because he was/is so… so.. Trump.

Back to our yard. Just imagine your life as insurgent in the market, in your leadership, as consultant, as organization, as new product producer, as idea generator, as social changer.

Seriously. Remember. The insurgent wins