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The organization (re)volution will be postponed. Once more.

The below is the equivalent of how in some organizations the so called ‘management of change’  or cultural transformation are planned and why in those quarters it takes ages to do anything. Their motto is: ‘It’s complicated, Leandro’.

When all citizens have been informed, all activists have been weekly trained, all resources are in place, offices ready, IT equipment bought and tested, all hierarchical powers have given a blessing (all them really understand and love the idea)  risk analysis is positive, all human resources are in place, the team building for activists have been successful, functional and professional experts have agreed and are comfortable, budgets approved, local authorities have been warned that we are coming, we have checked with other initiatives/vested interests/silos/divisional ‘stakeholders’, and everybody is aligned, and the weather forecast is favourable, then,  we will start the revolution.

Unless those in the corporate world, in positions of relatively high authority, with 35% of mandate , good heart and brain, and sense of duty, stop looking at each other, stop being incredibly nice to other ‘stakeholders’, stop searching for ‘readiness’, bite the bullet, take the lead and launch…the revolution will be postponed and all will continue as before. But with high level of awareness.