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The video and the audio of empowerment are out of sync.

Have you seen those videos, or TV interviews, or programmes, in which there is a disconnect between what the person says ( as clearly seeing by his lips movements) and what you hear? Sometimes a delay? Sometimes simply miles away, don’t match?

We have lots of these in organizations.

The audio says, take risks, be bold, be honest, you re empowered, push the envelope, fight the default positions, you have permission, you are empowered, you need to own things, act as an owner.

What you see in the video is people being, if not fully penalised, certainly ‘questioned ‘for those risks taken’ or not really promoted, or told off to be more  prudent next time, or told next time make sure we know, you ask, discuss, get buy in, be more careful and all other variations.

I’ve got a new top leadership role: Chief Synchronizing Officer.

Of course this disqualifies some like the CEO who told me a few months ago about his desire to have a Viral Change™  behaviour described as ‘take risk but be prudent’. I told him that it sounded as an advert for safe sex. I did not go well.