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There is no cost to being, and the ROI is pretty good.

The cost of authenticity, of being yourself, is zero. In theory, the cost of pretending you  are somebody else is higher. And the cost of doing, always higher.

Being you does not cost you much and always pays off. At least in the long term. And I am not sure it’s worth the effort of pretending differently in the short term.

People often spend a lot of time and effort pretending they are somebody else, so that they can fool others. It is a choice, of course, but I would not recommending it.  It ends in tears many times.

If you are hired by what the employer thinks you could be, would be, should be, or will be, you’ll get bad deal.

If you are part of a leadership team of some sort because somebody (perhaps the top leader) has an idea of your persona and expects you to be that one, it will cost you if it means pretending

If you spend your life outside you, in semi-permanent exile, playing somebody else character, you will come back home – if your ever do – exhausted.

There is quite a lot in the self-help literature that  recommends you to mimic some heroes, or role models. It has contaminated business wisdom as well, So for example, how could I ‘imitate’ Richard Branson, or the late Steve Jobs. Believe me, bad idea. Don’t. By all means read about them, admire them if you wish, and imagine their persona, but you are wasting your time imagining and pretending that you could be their cloned brother.

Heroes are more useful when distant. When the energy is not wasted in pretending that you could be a clone. This, by the way, is so obvious that should not deserve mentioning. But I think that often , unconsciously, we want to pretend that we are ‘another’, a different one. Very high cost.

When I look back, I want to see the one who was me, not the one in exile, in nomadic quest for acceptance, or coming out of political correctness course.

If I get too philosophical today,  forgive, it’s my birthday. And as I get younger, those things come to my mind more often.

I wish the accountants could tell us more about the  zero cost of being, it’s fantastic ROI and the silliness and cost of pretending a different character. As the old saying reminds us, we are so busy doing that we don’t have time for being. Another cost of busy-ness.

As philosophy goes, this is as deep as I can go today.

I recommend the highest ROI that comes from being the one you are supposed to be, as opposed to the one others want you to be, or an ideal being that is only real when in exile from your inner self.