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Too-too land is a prison and too-too managers are its guards. This is what life there looks like.

The company is too big to change.

We are too small to compete.

It’s too early for a Leadership Development.

It’s too late for a change in structure.

We are too hierarchical to do Viral Change™.

The company is too geographically disperse to have a shared culture.

We are too engineering to understand informality and soft skills.

We are too regulated to embrace creativity.

The company is too old fashioned to adapt to the times.

We are too slow to catch up with the world.

We are too young to have a proper company.

We are too large to be entrepreneurial.

We are too tiny to have the necessary resources

It’s too early, or too late, too big or too small

(And Daily Thoughts are too long for managers’ time, or too short to develop a theme in detail).

In too-too mode, the company is never in the right space. The company is permanently dislocated.

Too-too land is an invitation to stop thinking, an alibi for inaction and resignation, a deferred life for other times, others places and other circumstances.

Too-too thinking and too-too management condemn people to the status quo, console people to accept their prisons, send the imagination on vacation or to a sabbatical.

Too-too management is the skilful art or living in what is not possible, concentrate on the inevitable and embrace limitations with cheerful resignation.

It’s a prison.