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Top leadership role modelling is overrated.

Extracts taken from my new book The Flipping Point. [1] A flipping point in the trend for adopting absurd management ideas needs to be reached. The Flipping Point [1] contains 200 short vignettes exploring what ’deprogramming management’ may look like.



Top leadership role modelling is overrated.

It’s history’s equivalent of the great man theory, always one behind events. Most people don’t arrive at 09:00 in the car park wondering how the top leaders will behave that day. Most don’t care, sorry. Their role models are their peers. What shapes behaviours is what you copy every day from your immediate environment. In role modelling, peer-to-peer one, top leadership nil.

Read my book Homo Imitans (2011). Also, read the Edelman Trust Barometer which Mr Google will be happy to show you.


Leaders have two hats.

Leaders have two hats. Hat one is the hierarchical one, the one that is usually the reason to be hired or promoted. It comes with a position in the top down structure. Hat two is the one I have described as Backstage Leadership™. Hat two uses the power of hat one to create the conditions for peer-to-peer and informal networks to work, without dictating what to do, without interfering. Hat two recognises that leadership  is distributed across the organization and beyond the boxes of the organizational chart, the one populated by hat ones.

Leaders have two hats. This ‘two hats’ leadership is at the core of Viral Change™. There is (1) hierarchical and top down, (2) distributed significant number of natural leaders and people of influence with no correlation with their position in the hierarchy, and (3) backstage, based upon the need for the top down leaders to support from the back, not the front. Backstage Leadership™ is the bridge between the hierarchy and the peer-to-peer networks. Even the Intellectual Property Office understood that when they granted us the Backstage Leadership™ Trademark. I often think that we were more successful with the IP office than with some corporate VPs.


The Flipping Point [1] – Deprogramming Management. This book asks you to use more rigour and critical thinking in how you use assumptions and management practices that were created many years ago. Our real and present danger is not a future of robots and AI, but of current established BS. In this book, you are invited to the Mother of All Call Outs!
Available from major online bookstores [2].


New webinar series launching in June.

Feed Forward webinar series – the organization now, under new management

Machines work on feed-back. Minds work on feed-forward. We don’t need thermostats; we need new compasses. There is no ‘back to normal’. Normal has not been waiting for us.   Leandro Herrero

To change to ‘the new normal’ we must think and act differently in the management of our organizations. Join Leandro Herrero and his team of organizational architects for these 5, free webinars as they debunk uncontested assumptions and uncover the alternatives, whilst considering why this is even more relevant today in the current exceptional environment. Join us and bring your critical thinking brain, switched on. It’s a serious business. It may also be fun.

All attendees receive a complimentary copy of The Flipping Point.

Webinar topics:

  1. The myths of change.
  2. Can we put the company in an MRI? Can we diagnose its health in terms of its internal connectivity, communication and collaboration?
  3. The myths of company culture.
  4. The myths of management.
  5. High touch and high tech in the digitalisation era

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